Heres What I’m Doing Now…

After returning to the final year of my degree at the University of Brighton in October, I have been working on three projects:

– Reducing consumer food waste in the household

– Creating a platform for degree students to gain more real world experience

– Learning to Code and develop better websites

I haven’t posted much about these projects, which means I have been busy. But get ready for a flood of completed projects…


Do you know we waste this much food?

Hi Guys, its been a while!

My Major Project

I am back at university for my final year and ready to try and solve the problems our world faces through the medium of product design! This year I am trying to combat food waste and Im interested in what you guys are doing with your food! did you know that the US produces 210% of food needed to feed its population, but throws 50% of that away? its ridiculous right?


Here are some simple questions to help me get a better focus on how to solve this issue…..